Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to Style: Skater Skirt/A-line


This super flattering hem line is perfect for everyone but looks especially good on hourglass and pear body types because of how it skims the hips then flares. As an added bonus yours legs end up looking killer too! So let's look at how to style this versatile piece.

1. Add a pair of classic heels

These skirts will already slim down your legs tons but add a bit of extra attention to your legs by wearing a pair of heels. They'll elongate your legs and make them look more toned in the process. The beauty of this skirt style is even if your legs aren't naturally fantastic (that's me) you can still make them look great.

2.  Pair it with a cute jacket or cardigan

You're already drawing attention to your legs so unless you want to go for the clubbing look (not the best for day time) you want to cover your top up a bit. A loose cardigan or sweater to cover up and keep warm, if it's the middle of the summer a loose tee works great too. The key is to add some dimension to the look.